November Mud
November Mud

An experimental anti tank unit based upon an arctic rescue vehicle. An unusual design, designed for low ground pressure combined with good speed.

The example depicted here is near the southern border of Germany, sometime in the November of 2054. It's accompanied by a mixture of regular PanSoc infantry and local militia as part of the 'October Banner' incident. The knocked-out BTR-20 is a drone command vehicle destroyed that summer.

The whole incident will likely be debated by scholars for some time, and even the basic outlines of the event are sketchy. Combining elements of mass hysteria, memory editing, and armed insurgency, it was the basis for Granaud's thesis concerning the emergence of fifth generation warfare. Both absurd and disturbing, the central idea was that individuals would participate in events without real motive, and sometimes without basic awareness of their actions. While widely ridiculed, Granaud's ideas would find some adherents in the coming century.

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