Ice Ghosts
Ice Ghosts

The fate of the Petropavlovsk is finally known, if not her full story. She had been buried in the ice for several seasons, and was only made buoyant again by a runaway reaction in her oxygen plant. The explosion that resulted from this led to her discovery by the American outpost on Attu. What they found in the wreck has never been made public, and the fire which unfortunately followed erased all evidence of what the doomed warship brought back from Mars.
Kismet Clarke’s illustration for the Post does show several interesting features of the wreck, including the loss of her outer impeller to the grinding sea ice. The rather overbuild planetary gear mechanism is partially visible. Also of note is the minimal damage to he heat funnels and relatively lightly built upper works, indicating a landing rather than a crash. Of course, the article did not discuss the dream plague, and even now such thing are not discussed in public.
Another illustration for Spacecraft of the First World War.

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