French Dreadnought 'Charles Martel'
French Dreadnought 'Charles Martel'

This is a painting and cutaway of the French dreadnought 'Charles Martel', a vessel from my book project 'Spacecraft of the First World War'.

The cutaway is mechanical pencil, while the painting is digital.

1. Impeller Shaft Fairing and Balancing Arm
2. Dual Interferometric Gravity Impeller- Leopold Type
3. Magnetic Suspension Ring and Drive Coupling
4. Third Generation Gravitic Nullifier
5. Turbine Overflow Vent and Scrubber
6. Aft Radio Rangefinder
7. Boiler Stacks
8. Optical Tracking Array
9. Optical Rangefinder
10. Gunnery Spotting Tower
11. Bridge
12. Turreted Thermoelectric Cannons
13. Short Range Electric Cannon
14. Primary Battery, 11-inch Dual Mount
15. Combination Shell Hoist/Autoloader
16. Gun Breech and Buffer
17. Quadruple Rocket Torpedo Launcher
18. Torpedo Hoist and Reloading Ram Enclosure
19. Forward Searchlights (x2)
20. Radiocomputer Operator Statio

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